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Launch of Anushka Gopilall, LLC

Anushka Gopilall, LLC is a for-profit business that is dedicated to the everyday woman who desires to live an enriched and finer lifestyle without having to make substantial financial and personal sacrifices to do so.  We are committed to bridging the gap between the various social statuses amongst women in today's society through enrichment and empowerment initiatives specifically designed for everyday women from all walks of life.

On June 2, 2018, we will be celebrating the official launch of Anushka Gopilall, LLC with an intimate private dinner.  Founder and owner, Ms. Anushka Gopilall, will be sharing her journey with the group and talking about the upcoming initiatives that will be happening throughout the summer and remainder of 2018 and future endeavors of the company.  Thank you to everyone who unwaveringly offers their support and enthusiasm for Anushka's vision!